Faculty and Staff

The professional faculty at Sias International School of Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou (Sias International School) will be recruited through the experienced and dedicated resources of the International School Services (ISS). Our Head of School and the ISS Senior Leadership Executive dedicated to SIS, will attend recruiting events during Fall and Winter of 2019-20 in Bangkok, New York, and Atlanta.

Local staff will be recruited in partnership with Sias University and other ISS international schools in China. Minimum criteria will include a university degree in the subject area to be taught as well as a Bachelor of Education from a recognized western university and a professional teaching license.

As part of our life-long learning culture at SIS, all of our faculty and support staff will be learners as well. As is characteristic of international school faculties, our teachers will continuously strive to improve their practice through professional learning.  Our staff will be passionate about student learning outcomes and focusing on the whole child development and welfare.

Research has shown that close collaboration between student, parent, and teacher leads to greater achievement. It allows our students to take ownership of their learning and our parents to play a supportive role.  We will encourage our parents to learn as much as possible about our approaches to teaching and learning so that they can be fully involved in the learning of their child.