Mission, Values and Beliefs

preparing well-balanced, free-thinking innovators challenging for a better tomorrow

Skilled  -  Innovative - Achieving  -  Successful


At Sias International School (Sias IS), East meets West to educate and inspire students to be well balanced with a strong mind, body and spirit, prepared for academic excellence and innovative leadership in an ever-advancing, interconnected and technological world.


Sias IS Students are ... 

Skilled Communicators who:

  • listen, read, write, and speak effectively in more than one language
  • find their voice and help others find their voice as they initiate reflective and meaningful conversations
  • seek first to understand, then to be understood as they collaborate with team members
  • synergize others and realize they win when others win

Innovators who:

  • approach their learning creatively, critically, reflectively and with the courage to take risks
  • combine science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, and sports to gain future-oriented skills
  • use design thinking and next-generation technology to solve problems
  • apply an entrepreneurial attitude to promote novel solutions

Achievers who:

  • perform academically to the best of their ability as they develop their mind, body and spirit
  • use a balance of traditional and innovative approaches in their learning
  • are proactive and persistent when they encounter obstacles
  • reflect on and repair their deficiencies in mind, body and spirit

Successful Global Citizens who:

  • understand and respect the cultures and achievements of East and West
  • use the wisdom of the past to create a shared vision for the future
  • interact appropriately with others of diverse cultures
  • act responsibly for a sustainable and harmonious world