Education Delegations Inspect Sias International School

On June 2nd, 2021, Henan Provincial Department of Education, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Education and Culture and Sports Bureau of Zhengdong New District inspected Sias International School of Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou (Sias IS). Three delegations visited our school.  Wang Huaxing, Director and Cai Hong, Deputy Director of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Department of Henan Provincial Department of Education visited for their first formal visit at our new campus.  The second delegation was Zhu Jingjing, Deputy Director of Publicity Department of Zhengzhou Education Bureau, and Li Qiang, Deputy Director of Non-Government Funded Organizations Management.  The third delegation was Wang Qingping, Head of Publicity Department of Education, Culture and Sports Bureau of Zhengdong New District, Zhu Huabin, Person in charge of Foreign Affairs of Education, Culture and Sports Bureau of Zhengdong New District who are frequent guests at Sias IS.

Wayne Wang, General Manager of SIAS GROUP (China) and Executive Director of the Sias IS Board of Directors, Dr. Sam E. Mills, Head of School at Sias IS, and Victoria Guo, Operations Manager at Sias IS, accompanied the inspection.

Dr. Mills, led the delegation on a campus tour, introducing and reporting on the following aspects: the overall development of the school, the basic information about teachers and students, and the characteristics of the school. At the symposium, Director Wang affirmed the overall development of our school.  She has high expectations for Sias IS. As the first truly international school in Henan Province, Sias IS plays a strategic role in the central region. It is of great significance to improve the international education level of Henan, promote the economic and social development of Zhengzhou, create a good business environment, and attract more Top Talents to come to and stay in Henan. Dr. Mills expressed that he is fully confident in his ability to develop Sias IS into a world-class international school and is committed to setting the benchmark for Henan Province's international education.

The delegations gave Sias IS high praise and will offer support and guidance to help the development of our school.