Innovation and Learning, Leading the Future

The Founding Head of Sias International School Ms. Elizabeth Martinez was invited to attend the International Education Exhibition on June 08, 2019. As the keynote speaker, Ms. Martinez delivered a speech on "Innovation and Learning, Leading the Future”.

As the Founding Head of Sias International School, Ms. Elizabeth Martinez earned her Master of Education - Administration, Mid-Management and Supervision and has 25 years’ experience in high performing and diverse private and public-school districts in five states in America. Elizabeth is an instructional leader and has served as an expert in K-12 education as a school and district administrator. She managed 91 schools with 73,000 students as the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development. She devotes herself into promoting high-quality, excellence and innovation in education, inspiring students to become internationally minded for life-long learning.

As we know, the globalisation is leading us to a a new era; a new era means new requirements, especially in education. We gradually realize that the traditional education model can not fully meet the needs of the development of the times. Therefore, the word "innovation" came into being and has become the theme of educational reform. In the speech, Ms. Martinez elaborated the significance of innovation to education, which is in line with the school mission of the Sias International School, that is, East meets West to educate and inspire students to be well balanced with a strong mind, body and spirit, prepared for academic excellence and innovative leadership in an ever-advancing, interconnected and technological world. Ms. Martinez impressed parents and educators  with her professional perspective, good sense of humor and enlightening ideas. Parents and other attendees were enthusiastic and helped create an East Meets West educational culture atmosphere.

Ms. Martinez could felt the enthusiasm of Chinese parents for education. She said that the parents' attention to children's education and their pursuit of high-quality education made her excited and confident. She would turn this expectation into motivation and support, and lead the Sias International School to move forward continuously and strive to build it an excellent school.