The second International Education Summit Was Successfully Concluded in SIAS University

The 2nd International Education United Conference 2019 was held on May 23, 2019 at Sias University Library. The conference was hosted by Sias University, organized by Sias International School and K-12 Education Development Research Center. This international event aims to encourage innovative thinking and international exchanges, promote the wide spread application of excellent education models, and use innovation to achieve all-round development of future education.

The conference was also supported by The Education Department of Henan Province, Education Bureau of Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District, Leader in Me, Franklin Covey Education and International Schools Services. Focusing on Advancing Innovation, Sharing Future of Learning through AI and Leadership, we had invited more than 800 people, including education experts, colleagues and Sias University teachers and students.

The conference was attended by Mr. Xu Hengzhen, the Director of the International Department of Education Department of Henan Province, Director of Chinese as a Foreign Language Office of Henan Province; Mr. Zhou Jianchao, Vice Mayor of the  People's Government of Xinzheng City; Mr. Wangheng, General Secretary of Education Bureau of Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District; Dr. Shawn Chen, Founder and Chairman of Sias University and Sias International School; Mr. Sean Covey, a world well-known educator, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, the Executive Vice President of Global Solutions and Partnerships for Franklin Covey; Mr. William(Bill) Mclntyre, the Vice President of International Education for Franklin Covey Education; Ms. Brooke Judd, Coach and Consultant for Franklin Covey’s US and International Teams; Mr. Alan Zhang, the General Manager and Chief Consultant of the International Department of Education of Franklin Covey; Mr. Dale Cox, Asia Pacific Vice President, International Schools Services; Ms. Carlene Hamley, Director of School Development, International Schools Services; Mr. Kevin Brookhouser, Digital Citizenship and Computer Science Teacher at York School in Monterey, California; Mr. Cao Yangfeng, the Founder and Director of the Institute of Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Hong Kong; Mr. George Teodorescu, University Professor, Head of the International Institute for Integral Innovation(DAC); Mr. Wangpeng, Ali Cloud Intelligent Education Industry Expert and Ali Cloud Computing Architect; Mr. Yang Ningyuan, the Director of the Applied Cognitive Science Institute at Sias University; Mr. Wangweiwu, Plug and Play General Manager –Zhengzhou; Dr. Ma Jiansheng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Committee of Sias University and Dr. Chen Sikun, the President of Sias University. The Conference was hosted by Ms. Helen Su, the Director of the K-12 Education Development Research Center of Sias Group and Ms. Elizabeth Martinez, the Founding Head of Sias International School.

Dr. Shawn Chen has delivered the Opening Speech, introducing the general situation of Sias University and Sias International University. He emphasized that Sias International School, as the first international school in Henan Province, is an authentic school that truly integrates Chinese and Western cultures. School focuses on educating and inspiring students to be well balanced with a strong mind, body and spirit; leading students to be global and technological leaders.

Then Mr. Xu Hengzhen, the Director of the International Department of Education Department of Henan Province, Director of Chinese as a Foreign Language Office of Henan Province, delivered a speech. He pointed out that K-12 education plays a significant role in the education system and it is also regarded as a bridge linking compulsory education andhigher education. The quality of basic education is directly related to the development level of the whole education industry and has a considerable impact on economic and social development. In recent years, Henan Province has been expanding international exchanges and cooperation in education, focusing onpromoting the opening of education to the outside world to improve quality and efficiency. He said that the new situation of education reform and development in our province will contribute our wisdom and strength to accelerating the modernization of education, building a strong province of education, running a satisfactory education for the people, and contributing to the more splendid practice of the central China.

At the end of the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Zhou Jianchao, Vice Mayor of the People's Government of Xinzheng City, outlined the economicand cultural development of Xinzheng City in recent years. He stressed that all previous Party committees and governments of Xinzheng City have attached great importance to the development of education. It can be said that "XinzhengEducation" has become a highlight of Xinzheng.

Ms. Elizabeth Martinez described the development of Zhengzhou's international education and introduced Sias International School’s mission, which is East meets West to educate and inspire students to be well balanced with a strong mind, body and spirit, prepared for academic excellence and innovative leadership in anever-advancing, interconnected and technological world.

Mr. Covey emphasized the importance of leadership thinking. He said that every child with excellent self-leadership thinking will have a profound impact on himself/ herself, others and society.

Mr. Kevin Brookhouser's speech focused on the impact of AI on education. In the future development of science and technology, we should guide the positive impact of science and technology on education.

Mr. George Teodorescu's pointed that inappropriate educational means, from a historical point of view, will destroy children's creativity. The reason why we appreciate creativity is because it is always considered as an important driving force for the progress of human civilization.

Mr. Dale Cox talked about innovation and China's future. He believed innovation is the first driving force for development. Schools should provide leadership training andteamwork ability, and cultivate innovation and problem-solving ability.

At the panel in the morning, the keynote speakers discussed the topic of the conference: Advancing Innovation, Sharing Future of Learning through AI and Leadership.

In the afternoon, there were three sub-forums: International Education, Leadership and AI. Domestic and abroad educational experts exchanged ideas, contributed their wisdom to each topic.

Having participated in this conference, the guests gained a more advanced understanding and in-depth thinking on the new situationof internationalization of education and the impact of future science and technology on the field of education. To keep updated with the development, we should constantly improve international education, digest and absorb the advanced international culture and teaching system; we should also carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, build a multi-level and diversified education system, and optimize the allocation of educational resources. Colleaguesfrom the K-12 Education Development Research Center of Sias Group, the Sias International School and the Sias International Kindergarten benefited a lot from the conference. They would continue to innovate in future education and teaching work and actively introduce the leading international teaching concepts into daily teaching work, and strive to develop science and technology and artificial intelligence at a rapid pace. Our education should focus on giving children more diversified and comprehensive education, so that they can be qualified to face the challenge in life.