East meets West

Chinese education places high value on the moral, intellectual and physical development of students. The development of skills and academic competency is a key objective in Eastern pedagogy. In contemporary Western education, academic achievement is balanced with an equal emphasis on social and emotional learning. International schools seek to develop 21st Century skills (finely-tuned critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and innovation, and deep cultural competency) that are key to success in the global workforce.  

At Sias International School, contemporary western education practices are integrated to enhance and expand the aims of Chinese education.  Our progressive teaching and learning methods are derived from leading Western school systems in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA. Governments, companies and many education experts recognize the critical need for graduates with nimble, adaptable mindsets that augment in-depth mastery of content and theory (Maths, Science, History, Languages).   

With a balance of traditional and innovative approaches for student learning, Sias IS envisions a school where East meets West to educate and inspire students to become well-balanced, free-thinking innovators who will seek solutions for a better future for all. 

Sias IS recognizes the value of the arts and sports in the development of our young students' minds and bodies. Additionally, with an emphasis on science, math, technology and engineering in the students' daily learning, our Sias students will be well prepared for academic excellence and innovative leadership in our ever advancing, interconnected and technological world.