PreK-3A Bubble Garden


“How The World Works” led us to inquire about plant life cycle and with the spring on the corner, PreK-3A students dived into hands on experience of gardening. After learning the importance of our five senses and how we can use our senses to turn into real researchers, we have invited our families to celebrate and challenge their five senses as well as contribute to our garden with planting a family seed.

Having already gained a solid understating of plant life cycle via our planting activities, students are ready to learn about food life cycle via operating their own Bubble Canteen!



Our activity started with a game of “Smell your child”

Have you ever wondered how does your child smell? Now it’s time to close your eyes and find your child using your smelling sense! Next, we have challenged parents to use their sense of touch and venture to touch different objects guessing what’s inside the box! Once our families understood the importance of five senses, we have started to plant our seeds with the guidance of our science specialist Mr. Kirsch. Students shared with their families their understanding of plant life cycle and were proud of their contribution to our classroom garden!



Undertaking a gardening project can teach responsibility to children, as they learn that it is their job to take care of their seeds and plants each day in order for them to be healthy. By creating a checklist for children to run through each day, they can get a better understanding of the role they play in taking care of plants. So, every morning students visit the garden and check on the plants and water followed by an active discussion on growth and problems they encounter.



Gardening can awaken all senses in children. They can feel the dirt, flowers, fruit, leaves and seeds, observe the colours and sizes of plants, hear the sound of leaves rustling and fruit/vegetables being picked and smell the flowers, fruits and herbs fresh.   By engaging all five senses, gardening can help children to better understand the process of gardening and where their food comes from.

Best of all, they can taste the outcome of their hard work in our Bubble Canteen!