Welcome to PreK-3A Bubble Canteen!


Who doesn’t want to role-play “at the Restaurant” or “Pizza Hut”? 

These are the driving inquiry lines for our final part of “How The World Works” unit.

Having already gained a solid understating of plant life cycle via our planting activities, students are ready to learn about food life cycle via operating their own Bubble Canteen!

To make the role-play meaningful and connect to real life experiences, we started to build our canteen from a scratch via learning about basic roles and responsibilities of restaurant employees. We have invited the school chef to help us make our canteen Menu and advise us on food safety measures. After writing our Pizza Ingredients Recipe, students were ready to visit a Pizza Shop and try their recipe in a real setting!

On our next stage we have distributed roles in our canteen and started to serve customers with fresh juice made by students!

The more we dive into our canteen inquiry,  we gain new vocabulary and incorporate it intoa play.

Our Canteen Inquiry helps us to learn how relationships work through their play experiences. As play becomes more important in our teaching practice, an increase in building friendships has been seen. There are many more benefits of role-play we are still to discover as we are coming close to our grand opening…

Stay tuned and don’t miss our Bubble Canteen Opening Party!