Why can’t students be teachers?

Student centered learning means meeting the students where they are and allowing them to have a choice and a voice in their learning. G3 is currently studying about the qualities of a scientist and engineer. As a class, we believe in the MISO method is research. We use Media, Interviews, Surveys, and Observation to learn more about our lines of inquiry.

During a media research lesson, Ms. Kalu was approached by a student and asked, “why can’t kids be the teachers?” The response by Ms. Kalu was a simple one, she put the question back on the students. “Why can’t students be teachers?” The answer is, they can! “Can we be the teachers now?” “Did you prepare a lesson? We have to get ready if we are going to teach others.” Students signed up for a time and subject to teach during the next day at school.

Students did media research to find learning activities they wanted to share in the class. Angela requested to be an ELA (English Language Arts) teacher. She led students in an activity to increase awareness of our unit vocabulary. Jerry requested Math. He led an activity that helped students remember when to use different units of measurement (also super helpful for future scientist). Yuki wanted to teach inquiry. She showed true innovation by creating a new game and explaining the rules to us. Apple decided to be a science teacher.

She asked us to conduct an experiment on how to form bubbles. We learned that

using different air pressure could change the shape and size of bubbles formedusing soapy water. Students tried making bubbles inside bubbles, bubbles inside their cup, and even competed to see who could create the biggest bubble. This lesson was a lot of fun and helped us further our understanding about the qualities of a scientist. A few qualities G3 came up with were curious, open-minded, and flexible.

The budding scientist in G3 are just that: curious, open-minded, and flexible. A growth mindset helps us to remember what we don’t know is just an inquiry question and a MISO method research away from being a part of our knowledge set!  G3 is exciting about our learning community where everyone contributes to inquiry, teaching, and learning. May your questions and curiosity bring you new learning each and everyday!

Happy Learning!

Ms. Kalu