The Beauty of Physical Science

Prek3B’s Field Trip to Zhengzhou Science and Technology Museum

How does the world work? How did sound, light and electricity come into being? Last week, our students went on a field trip to Zhengzhou Science and Technology Museum to search and find relevant information. They got to study outside the classroom and conduct field research to make the best preparation for their five senses unit demonstration. Follow along and let's start our journey of Science!

 we came to the Magneto-Electricity exhibition. Our students showed huge interests in the "Faraday cage", where the museum staff put on a experiment demonstration for all the audience, and she also explained: when a person enters the Faraday cage, acompanied with high voltage electricity, a roughly 30cm long electric arc between the cage and ground rod will be released and easily seen when moving close to the cage. But the staff in the cage stay unharmed! The visual impact of the experiment gives students a strong sense of shock while recognizing the unique magneto-electricity knowledge; 

Then the students explored the process of energy change of hydropower station. They got to understand the principle of hydropower generation; When the students touched the Glow Ball with their hands, magic happened — the light around their fingers became even brighter! All the students were very impressed. It turns out that the electric field and potential around the ball are no longer evenly symmetrical, making the glow around the fingers brighter. 

This field trip to the science and technology museum focuses on stimulating students' observation ability and training their observation skills, so as to inspire students to think more.