Early Years Philosophy


Sias International School, Early Years programme believes in building a respectful relationship with the children and families by creating an environment that is developmentally appropriate for the students. The Early Years programme values the importance of an active routine with a dedicated rest time to provide a safe, healthy, and secure environment that contributes to positive physical and mental development. 

The programme offers a play-based approach as a child’s primary learning tool.  Through an inquiry-based approach, students acquire knowledge and develop skills and dispositions that will help them be successful. Play is a creative process for our students to collaborate with peers, problem-solve, reflect on their learning, and build on their proficiency in social skills, literacy, and numeracy. 

The role of the adults in the classroom is to facilitate authentic child-initiated learning in significant ways by observing, questioning, collaborating with the students, modelling interactions, recording, and reflecting with the students.