How G1 students Learn at Sias IS


In grade 1, learning is meant to be fun and guided by students’ interests! To promotestudent agency and inquiry, students engaged in communication and research skills as they became more reflective and knowledgeable learners. The central idea for our unit on Where We Are in Place and Time was “Humans observe patterns in nature to thrive in the environment.” The lines of inquiry were “patterns in the sky,” “changes in weather and season,” and “relationship between nature and celebration.”  

As grade 1 delved into patterns in nature, they began noticing that patterns are all around us, not just on the ground or in the sky, but also in stories! While reading the book, Rainby Manya Stojic, the students immediately began noticing patterns throughout the story with the weather as well as with the order of appearance of the characters. One of the students even suggested that “we should research rain” so that we could know more about it. So, that is exactly what the students did. They began their research on patterns and cycles, specifically focusing on the water cycle, using digital books, educational videos, and paperback non-fiction books.  

Upon invitation to perform a play about their learning at community time, students began making choices about the roles they would play, based on their interests, in the performance, whether that be actors, stage crew, or sound crew. The students reflected on their reader’s theater performance from earlier in the unit and discussed how they could improve to make this performance better. They also took the time to learn more about their roles and collaborated with their peers so that they could work more as a team.  

The students wanted to make an impact on the greater school community by bringing awareness to patterns in nature and how they are important. So, in order to promote their performance about rain, the students discussed and decided that they needed to create posters or banners as advertisement “to tell people about our show.”  

So, without further ado, 

let’s give it up for our grade 1 students and let the show begin!