How learners benefit from IB PYP


The key elements of IB PYP are knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills, disposition, and action. These are developed in learners through six transdisciplinary themes supported by six disciplines. This forms the taught and assessed curriculum in the PYP.  

As PYP practitioners, every educator ensures that learners in every classroom are engaged and involved in co-construction of knowledge by applying the various approaches to learning skills. These skills teach them how to learn, making learning authentic and enjoyable. The knowledge of learners is given a shape through provocations, brainstorming, inquiries, investigations via interviews, media, surveys and observations. Using Visible-Thinking Strategies while enjoying a new learning, help learners to apply, analyze, synthesize and enhance meta-cognitive abilities. This is the process of learning in its entirety; the product of this learning is often the presentation constituting advocacy, change-initiation, inventions, innovations and of course spreading awareness.  

Holistic learning in PYP extends the international dimensions as the themes have global significance, for all students from all cultural backgrounds and places. Holistic learning is authentic and long-lasting. It is engaging as it addresses the contemporary challenges of the world. It is deep, connected and relevant as the learners investigate into issues which are locally and globally viable to them. They learn about global contexts such as Systems, Leadership, Well-being, Settlement, Citizenship, Change, which also form the conceptual lenses of their learning journey. The concepts transcend the borders of subjects, time and place.  

One of the most significant learning is the PYP Exhibition, in the graduating year of PYP. It is a unit of Inquiry that is designed, planned, organized and presented by the learners themselves. Participating in the Exhibition is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the skills and conceptual understanding the learners have developed over their years of being taught within the structure of Primary Years Programme. This Exhibition is their opportunity to show the bigger world what they are capable of and the ways they can be influencers in the society.  


Madhuparna Bhattacharyya 

Curriculum Coordinator and Primary 5 Homeroom Teacher