Personal Project


Personal Project is a mandatory culminating project that all MYP Year 5 (Grade 10) students should complete. The Personal Project is a self-directed inquiry based on personal interests in the final year of the MYP. It is based on students’ personal choices and interests. Students apply ‘Approaches to learning’ skills which students learn and practice throughout the MYP. The personal project is interdisciplinary and integrates knowledge from various disciplines to create a final product or solve a problem. Students showcase the final product to the school community and stakeholders through the Personal Project exhibition. The personal project provides students with a sense of accomplishment and an achievement they cherish for life.
The first batch of Sias IS MYP Year 5 (Grdae10) students will tentatively participate in the Personal Project in 2024-25. The MYP programme at Sias IS has plans to develop a Personal Project handbook for students and teachers to follow and complete the project. The Personal Project can be an example of an investigative project for students to show in their application to foreign universities for higher studies.