International mindedness has been defined as an attitude, specifically an attitude of openness and curiosity. It is an attitude toward the world and different cultures. The goal of international mindedness is to develop a deep understanding of human actions and interactions; of their complexity, diversity and motives.

21st Century Learners

In the 21st century, internationally minded learners need to understand and respect diversity. They need to communicate in more than one language. They need to be comfortable with complexity, contradictions, and tensions. They need to truly care for others. They need to value the significance and beauty of our natural world and demonstrate caring for their environment. They need to practise global citizenship through their local actions.

At Sias International School of Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou (Sias International School), our students will:

  • listen, read, write, and speak effectively in more than one language;
  • approach their learning creatively, critically, reflectively and with the courage to take risks;
  • demonstrate open-mindedness without abandoning universal principles of justice and equality;
  • interact and engage with people of other traditions, cultures and languages;
  • understand and respect the cultures and achievement of East and West;
  • act responsibly for a sustainable and harmonious world;
  • use the wisdom of the past to create a shared vision for the future