Admission Policy


This Admissions Policy is established so that it is consistent with the mission of the school and responsive to the needs of the community, within the framework of educational effectiveness and available resources.
Admission to Sias International School (Sias IS) is open to all nationalities, races, and creeds in accordance to the laws of China governing international school for expatriates. The Head of School or designate will screen all students. The final decision on admittance will be made by the Head of School.  The applying student must carry a foreign passport or green card and be considered eligible for enrollment under Chinese law and regulations.

Early Childhood Pre-Kindergarten Placement Policy

We believe that children learn best in environments suited to their ages and stages of development. For PreK3 (3-year olds) and PreK4 (4-year olds), we adhere to an August 31st cutoff for birthdays. For example children must be 3 on or before August 31st to enter PreK3


Age Guideline of Entry

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