EAL Coordinator

Job Description 

Department: Instruction                    

Term of Employment: 2 years           

Band: Teacher plus leadership stipend                                            

Reporting Accountability: Primary Principal

 Purpose of Job

  • Provide support and guidance to pupils, by removing language barriers to learning in order to promote effective participation, raise aspirations and achieve full potential 
  • Work within departments to promote the development, implementation and evaluation of teaching and learning strategies to maximise student outcomes in English 
  • Monitor and evaluate teachers’ planning for language and to respond appropriately to emergent issues and data indicators 
  • Develop EAL to be an example of excellence to others within and beyond our community that improve the quality of services for pupils with their language and learning (L&L) development

Duties and Responsibilities

Generic Overall Responsibilities 

  • Promote high standards in all aspects of school life, particularly in pupil progress 
  • Actively support the vision, ethos, culture and policies of the school 
  • Inspire and motivate pupils, teachers and other school employees 
  • Comply with the professional duties of the Sias IS Professional Expectations
  • Contribute to a school culture which is positive, purposeful and professional 
  • Engage positively in the school Appraisal process and performance management arrangements 
  • Are committed to safeguarding and to promoting the welfare of pupils and young people 
  • Demonstrate financial acuity in the management of the budget, and ensure effective management and deployment of financial, physical and human resources

Leadership of others 

  • Ensure the effective deployment of the Upper School Classroom Practitioners supporting English Language proficiency and development, both in the classroom and through small group intervention work. 
  • Liaise with subject leaders / teachers to support EAL students across the curriculum and promote the highest standards of teaching and learning 
  • Ensure that all departments create a stimulating language environment 
  • Initiate, lead and document department meetings

Teaching and Learning 

  • Monitor student progress, evaluate the success of EAL strategies and identify areas for improvement 
  • Oversee the development of a progressive and effective EAL curriculum 
  • Support the Curriculum Coordinator in developing a high impact EAP (English for Academic Purposes) curriculum across the Upper School. 
  • Identify highly effective classroom practice that supports EAL in their language learning whilst following an academic curriculum. 
  • Ensure that all teachers have a clear picture of students’ EAL needs across the school and that all teachers are able to make best use of this information in planning their lessons and schemes of learning. 
  • Through the school PD programme, create regular opportunities for teachers and Classroom Practitioners to share, reflect and improve on classroom practice

Assessment, recording and reporting 

  • Co-ordinate and lead the assessment and monitoring of students’ level of English proficiency, for example, through GSE testing. 
  • Set targets for raising achievement among all pupils and those with L&L development needs 
  • Collect and interpret assessment data for pupils with L&L development needs and provide analysis data on their progress and attainment 
  • Refine systems for identifying, assessing and reviewing pupil progress 


  • Meet regularly with the designated line manager to undertake caseload supervision and report on progress of identified pupils 
  • Attend and participate in network meetings with other professionals to enhance practice 
  • Develop EAL to be an example of excellence to others within and beyond the school and communicate the successes and impact of EAL activities within and beyond our community 
  • Liaise with Admissions towards the development of admissions policies and procedures as required, to identify any EAL needs prior to entry 
  • Publish and regularly review the EAL policy and procedures document, and strategic planning documents 
  • Run parent workshops in the area of EAL support and language development 


  • Actively establish good relations with parents and other visitors to the school 
  • Guide and assist relevant staff in their communication with parents, colleagues and the wider community with regard to the school’s EAL support programmes, procedures and practices 
  • Ensure that staff commit to supporting the Inclusion team by establishing and maintaining effective working relationships 
  • Ensure pupils feel they are supported in developing their language and learning needs showing empathy and understanding and lending direction and motivation 
  • Maintain a teaching load appropriate to the position, including participation in extra-curricular activities as appropriate, and as agreed with the Head of School and Primary Principal.
  • Take a fair and appropriate share of duties 
  • Attend School activities as well as Expeditions as required 

 Other Responsibilities

  • Teach an appropriate load in agreement with the ead of School and Primary Principal
  • To prepare an annual Departmental Action Plan
  • Undertake other reasonable duties as requested by the Primary Principal and any duties that the HoS deems necessary for the effective operation of the school 


Education, training and qualifications 

  • Appropriate degree, and teaching qualification
  • Working knowledge of the IB, Common Core and NGSS 
  • Evidence of relevant and challenging continuing professional development 
  • Relevant experience of successfully supporting English language development in an EAL setting

Knowledge and experience 

  • Minimum three years’ proven teaching experience 
  • Knowledge and experience of how to use IT effectively in promoting pupil learning 
  • Recent and consistent involvement in extracurricular activities 
  • Previous experience or knowledge of working with pupils for whom English is not their first language 
  • Previous experience or knowledge of working with pupils with additional needs 

Personal qualities 

  • Have the ability and willingness to inspire others; leading by example, role modelling the school’s vision statement: Leadership for a better world 
  • Be a role model for Sias IS
  • Be flexible and capable of managing change and instilling high standards 
  • Be highly motivated, ambitious and collaborative and willing to take the initiative 
  • Have high levels of honesty and integrity in aspects of their role 
  • Demonstrate empathy, humility and genuine care about staff and pupils, taking time to support, guide and motivate them 
  • Be able to think strategically and drive improvements in pupil welfare and their wider learning experiences 
  • Have excellent organisational, communication and interpersonal skills  


  • A clean police check
  • Suitability to work with pupils (Child Protection)