Early Years Coordinator

Job Description 

The Early Years Coordinator (EYC) is part of the Primary Leadership Team and is responsible for developing the EY program and bringing evidence-based practices into classrooms with the goal of increasing student engagement, improving student learning, and building teacher capacity.

The EYC will work closely with the Principal to develop an environment that supports learning through play, symbolic exploration, and expression, learning spaces, and relationships.


















Professional Expectations:

●      Lead the PYP Early Years (PYP EY) staff in planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring, documenting, measuring, and recording learning within the framework of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP).

●      Foster and grow professional inquiry as an individual and team learning tool.

●      Provide pedagogical leadership for a team of Early Childhood Educators in line with the philosophies of the PYP.

●      Facilitate/lead the Early Years teaching teams through the process of planning inquiry-based learning experiences, and in the ongoing development of the Early Years curriculum.

●      Facilitate collaborative Early Years team meetings using student-learning data for planning and reflection; share best practices and engage in pedagogical discourse to further develop student learning.

●      Work with teachers and parents to ensure that children’s individual needs are planned for and met.

●      Ensure that the development of all the children’s spoken and written English is prioritized, planned,  and provided for.

●      Liaise with other team coordinators to ensure continuity and progression.

●      Support and mentor new teachers and learning assistants.

Professional learning:

●      Keep up to date with best practices in the Early Years by attending relevant training, reading appropriate literature and research, and networking with other Early Years’ leaders.







●      Bachelor or Master's preferred with specialization in education, administration, or related fields 

●      Professional IB certification Cat 1 and/or Leading the Early Years preferred

●      Minimum 3 years of early years teaching experience in a PYP setting

●      Minimum 2 years of leadership experience in a PYP/Early Years setting





●      Knowledge of play-based learning

●      Excellent communication skills

●      Proficient in written and spoken English

●      Experience in implementing successful system change across an Early Years setting.

●      A play-based inquiry approach to teaching and learning and a student- centered approach to discipline

●      Commitment to a diverse international education and successful experience in an international or multicultural community.