IB DP Coordinator

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

DP Coordinator

Job Description


Department: Instruction

Term of Employment: 2 years

Band:  Teacher plus Leadership Stipend

Reporting Accountability: Principal


Scope of Responsibility:

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Coordinator will ensure the effective administration of the IB Diploma Programme. The (IB) Diploma Coordinator, as a vital part of the Academic Leadership Team, will lead the formulation and execution of planning, implementation, and evaluation processes of the IB DP and in executing the school's curricular improvement plans. Quality assurance of teaching and learning in the IB years, providing pedagogical leadership to the IBDP, and promoting the IB ethos will be critical elements of the role.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

Professional Expectations 

· Lead the IB Diploma Programme staff in planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring, documenting, measuring, and recording learning within the framework of the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)  

· Foster and grow professional inquiry as an individual and team learning tool. 

· Provide pedagogical leadership for a team of Diploma Program Educators in line with the philosophies of inquiry-based learning. 

· Facilitate/lead the IB DP teaching teams through the process of planning inquiry-based learning experiences and in the ongoing development of the IB DP curriculum. 

· Facilitate collaborative IB DP team meetings using student-learning data for planning and reflection; share best practices and engage in pedagogical discourse to further develop student learning. 

· Work with teachers and parents to ensure children's needs are planned for and met. 

· Ensure that all requirements of the IB concerning the implementation of the DP are adhered to.

· Ensure that the development of all the children's spoken and written English is prioritized, planned, and provided for. 

· Inform the Principal of budgeting, including IB Yearly membership, curriculum, costs related to the IB visiting team, teachers' IB workshops, resources, and support required for the appropriate implementation of the programme.

· Maintain accurate school and student information via “My IB” and IBIS. Inform and register faculty members to “My IB,” accessing the DP resources and connecting with the IB Community.

· Assess and evaluate the professional development needs of IB DP teachers and coordinate their participation in IB DP workshops. 

· Liaise with other programme coordinators to ensure continuity and progression. 

· Develop the strategic plan leading the authorization and evaluation processes.

· Ensure high standards of teaching and learning through regular classroom visits, co-teaching, and supporting teachers in their professional development.

· Contribute to promoting and developing the IBDP within and outside the school by developing and reviewing handbooks, brochures, and other informational material.

· Assist the Principal in ensuring that the IB Diploma Programme is implemented and developed in line with the requirements of the IB Standards & Practices, the General Regulations for the Diploma Programme, and other IB-mandated guiding documentation.

· Support the Personal Project, Community Project, and Service as an Action Coordinator pedagogically and logistically.

· Lead the admission process for students entering the DP.

· Ensure that accurate student records are maintained through ManageBac.

· Organize the mock and final examinations and the orals, taking overall responsibility for the running of the examinations, the safekeeping of examination materials, and the dispatch of all papers and examination documents to the IB through the required channels.

· Attend school events to better understand student interests and personalities outside the regular classroom, build strong relationships with your students, and strengthen their self-confidence while inspiring them to achieve high goals. 

· Follow the Code of Conduct in the Child Protection Policy. 

· Perform other duties and tasks as assigned. 


· Be an active part of the Academic Leadership Team and provide feedback about the progress and development of the DP.

· Set up systems for communication and collaboration among all staff members involved in implementing the DP.

· Provide a liaison between the school and the IB and respond to requests for information (for example, questionnaires) from the IB.

· Prepare and submit any documentation required for authorization and evaluation.

· Circulate all relevant information received from the IB and ensure that teachers and other staff are kept up to date with current developments in the DP.

· Ensure that all students are clear about the requirements of the IB Diploma Program.

· Advise students on subject selection.

· Provide comprehensive information to parents about the Diploma Program

· Organize parent meetings to Advise parents about the IBDP requirements and the IB Program's suitability for their child(ren).

Professional Development

· Provide induction to the DP for new teachers.

· For IB DP teachers, support their recruitment, supervision, and growth through constructive dialogue. 

· In consultation with the school's leadership, identify areas for professional development and plan internal and external workshops accordingly.

· Assess and evaluate the professional development needs of DP teachers and coordinate their participation in DP workshops in accordance with the requisitions of the programme and the context of the school.  

· Review Professional Development (PD) applications from teachers and forward them to relevant leadership team members; register DP teachers for IB PD.

· Ensure that curriculum-related parent meetings and workshop opportunities are provided.

· Keep a record of workshop attendance and school visits to ensure equal opportunity to identify ongoing needs and complete authorization and programme evaluation forms.


· Support teachers in developing assessments per the school’s assessment policy and IB requirements.

· Developing and using assessment results to inform curriculum review and development.

· Ensure that appropriate student records are maintained.

· Manage all aspects of internal and external assessments according to the Diploma criteria.

· Work with school leadership to analyze results and adjust program delivery as necessary.

Resource Management

· Make recommendations for the purchase of suitable resources to support the implementation of the DP.

· Ensure that appropriate textbooks, resources, and facilities are made available.

· Assist the Principal in determining main curriculum resources and other professional development needs and placing resource orders.

· Be responsible for establishing an inventory of resources to facilitate efficient collaboration.



· A master’s degree specializing in education, administration, or related fields.

· In-depth knowledge of and familiarity with IB standards and practices.

· Experience leading and managing staff.

· Experience teaching in the IB program.

· Ability to work collaboratively with other organizations' faculty, staff, administration, students, families, and key contacts.

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate persuasively with faculty, students, and parents.

· Excellent analytical skills.

· Dedication to academic excellence.

· Ability to work independently and as part of a team.


Sias IS is committed to the protection of all children and young people from harm. Belief in and alignment with Sias IS beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable.