Job Description

DepartmentInstructional team

Band: Teaching Faculty

Reporting Structure: HoS

Scope of Responsibilities:

1. The Sias International School Teacher is responsible for:

2. Demonstrating a sincere caring for students and their academic and personal welfare and seeking ways to celebrate their accomplishments;

  • Demonstrating a wide variety of successful teaching strategies that meet individual student needs and abilities that
  • Communicate learning objectives and assessment criteria to students in a clear, logical and sequentialmanner
  • Effectively meet the learning needs of ALL students, including EAL and those with special learning needs
  • Skillfully use verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Create and utilize appropriate materials for instructional purposes
  • Assess and adjust the classroom setting to provide for a variety of learning styles
  • Draw from a variety of instructional resources to enhance lessons and ensure that lesson instruction andcontent is not driven by a textbook-based approach

3. Inspiring the best efforts and work by students by continually monitoring their work and:

  • Setting high expectation standards that are appropriate for each student’s ability level
  • Returning submitted work for assessment promptly
  • Providing individual and group formative feedback on all assignments with that gives the students suggestionsfor improving learning and encouragement for further learning
  • Motivating students to achieve beyond previous performance levels

4. planning and implementing classroom strategies that encourage student self-discipline, reinforce appropriate behavior, manage disruptive behavior constructively, and allow for grouping of students in the most efficient way to support learning objectives including being:

  • Skillful in keeping students on the learning task
  • Sdaptive, flexible and creative in situations that are caused by a variety of individual student needs

5. encouraging and modelling inter-cultural awareness and understanding.

6. recognizing the need for appropriate classroom humor and that the use of sarcasm has no place in a safe and caring classroom environment.

7. displaying competence and confidence in using Information & Communications Technology (ICT) for the purposes of:

  • Enhancing classroom lessons using computer or mobile-devices
  • Communicating appropriately and effectively with others in the Sias IS community, including students,parents, and school faculty and staff
  • Seeking ongoing professional development opportunities

8. using school-based software consistently and appropriately to maintain updated curriculum, assessmentand student assignment records that are accessible by the students and the parents in each class;

9. providing leadership in curriculum and instructional development by:

  • Acting as a role model, taking advantage of opportunities to learn from others and keeping abreast of developments related to teaching
  • Promoting good working relationships with others through active leadership and sharing of ideas, materials and experiences
  • Planning collaboratively with other teachers in the Sias IS faculty

10. promoting good rapport with students, staff, parents and community by:

  • Respecting the confidentiality of student and staff concerns
  • Keeping parents informed of their children’s progress continuously and more frequently than just in report cardsso that no parent is ever surprised at a report grade

11. establishing long-range classroom goals, instructional objectives and methods relevant to those objectives.

12. working cooperatively with colleagues in order to connect learning across subjects.

13. demonstrating accurate and up-to-date knowledge of curriculum and subject matter.

14. maintaining superior work attendance.

15. being self-motivated and assuming responsibility willingly.

16. being willing to expend effort and energy beyond the typical school day.

17. using Sias IS’s performance appraisal system as a means to improve student learning by focusing on one’s own professional development.

18. being prepared to undertake any other duties requested by the HOS – e.g. instructional coaching and mentoring; teacher induction, etc.

 Required Experience, Training and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree with at least two years teaching experience
  • Certification/licensure in teaching Chinese
  • Experience teaching Chinese to students where Chinese is an additional language for them
  • Experience teaching Chinese to students where Chinese is their native language
  • Experience working with expatriate students
  • Good English language skills (oral and written)
  • A strong team player with good interpersonal skills
  • A motivated person who shows initiative, reliability, leadership, and a strong professional work ethic
  • Teaching experience with western pedagogy in accredited schools offering inquiry-based programs will be considered a strong asset.
  • Additional Desired Qualifications:
  • Previous experience teaching in an international school
  • Previous experience teaching IB Chinese


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