MYP Coordinator

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP) Coordinator

Job Description 

Department: Instruction                    

Term of Employment: 2 years           

Band: Teacher plus leadership stipend                                            

Reporting Accountability: Primary Principal

Scope of Responsibility:

The MYP Coordinator serves as the curricular, instructional, and professional learning leader of the IB secondary program and is responsible for the development of all phases of the Middle Years Program. Our curriculum is built within, but not limited to, the MYP framework. The MYP Coordinator, as a key part of the Middle School administration, will lead the formulation and execution of planning, implementation, and evaluation processes of the MYP and in executing the school’s curricular improvement plans. 

Administrative Duties 
The MYP Coordinator will be accountable and responsible for: 

  • Implementing and developing the MYP curriculum within the spirit of the school’s and IB mission and vision statement from candidacy and beyond
  • Ensuring that all IBO databases about the school are up to date and deadlines and procedures from IBO are met
  • Developing the strategic plan, leading the authorization and evaluation processes
  • Liaising with the IBO and assuming overall responsibility for administering, distributing, completing, and returning all relevant documentation pertaining to the MYP
  • Attending PLC, Leadership Sessions, Secondary Leadership and Board meetings
  • Informing the Secondary Leadership for budgeting including IB Yearly membership, Building Quality Curriculum, costs related to IB visiting team, teachers’ IB Workshops, and resources and support required for the appropriate implementation of the programme
  • Maintaining accurate school and student information via “My IB” and IBIS. Inform and register faculty members to “My IB” accessing the MYP resources and connecting with IB Community 
  • Planning the MYP in collaborating with the Secondary administrative team developing strategic action plans, allocation of resources and establishment of priorities to ensure continuous programme improvement  
  • Overseeing that all stakeholders have access to the MYP framework as prescribed in the latest MYP Standards and Practices, From Principle into Practice and various Subject Group Guides
  • Participating in the scheduling process to ensure that the schedule supports concurrency of learning in the MYP to develop holistic individuals
  • Providing advice, and support to all teachers, and keeping stakeholders informed of all current developments with the MYP including advising the appropriate faculty of any new publications relevant to their subject areas and/or positions within the school
  • Plans and collaborates with IB Senior Leadership Team, IB Coordinators and teachers to develop Language, Assessment, Inclusive Education Need (SEN) and Academic Honesty Policies
  • Planning and leading collaborative meetings and planning, professional development sessions for subject groups and for the whole MYP
  • Liaising, as appropriate, with the IB Diploma and PYP coordinators to facilitate a smooth student transition from one programme to the next and to ensure the vertical articulation of the curriculum
  • Assessing and evaluating the professional development needs of MYP teachers and coordinating their participation in IB MYP workshops
  • Inducting new faculty members into the MYP, meetings new parents and students through sessions informing about the MYP and its curriculum framework and requirements
  • Supervising the Community and Service Leader for students in MYP year 1-5. Advising the leadership Team for appointing a Service Leader from within the faculty members
  • Leading the MYP through authorization and MYP five-year evaluation procedures
  • Ensuring that curriculum coordinators and instructional staff are aware of the latest IB publications for appropriate implementation of the programme through monitoring and feedbacks
  • Leading and organizing of the Personal Project /Community Projects and training the Personal Project supervisor to guide participating students 
  • Inform all stakeholder about the requirement and importance of the Personal Project in the final year of the MYP

Coordinator will be accountable and responsible for:  

  • Liaising with the curriculum coordinator to ensures regular curriculum review, and ensures that the planning of the Subject Group Overviews adheres to the subject group requirements as prescribed in the Subject Guides  
  • Ensuring the consistency and development of unit planners in each academic department through collaborative meeting and planning within subject groups and across departments
  • Monitoring and sharing feedback with instructional staff for developing MYP unit planners in Managebac as per the requirement mentioned in From Principle into Practice and Subject Group guides, and for the development of teaching and learning strategies 
  • Ensuring that the planning and teaching of the unit planner includes the IB Learner Profile (LP), Key and Related concepts, Global Context, Approaches to Learning Skills (AtL skills) in all the years of the programme, and inform teachers for a meaningful integration of International Mindedness, and for the differentiation of teaching and learning strategies for language ability and learning needs
  • Providing leadership that builds and sustains a healthy MYP culture amongst all 
  • Participating in class observations informing teaching and learning through constructive feedbacks
  • Collaborating with subject group teachers ensuring vertical and horizontal articulation of the curriculum, fostering interdisciplinary learning across the grades and subject groups
  • Ensuring all subject groups teaching and learning are informed by assessments as per the MYP Subject Group objectives. Promotes culture of formative assessment followed by relevant feedback for progression of learning. Students participates in Summative assessments ensuring consolidation of teaching and learning and enduring understanding 
  • Ensuring all subject group teachers participates in ‘recording and reporting’ of learning experiences through assessments to stakeholders as per school reporting cycle

Required Qualifications, Skills, Experience and Attributes:           

  • A minimum of 3 years successful teaching experience within the IB MYP  
  • A deep understanding of the IB MYP 
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience as an MYP Coordinator within an international school setting  
  • A creative leader with a proven track record of leading mission, vision and strategic plan driven change  
  • Strong organizational ability and initiative  
  • Experience with curriculum development and documentation within the IB MYP
  • Knowledge of the IB PYP and IB DP and how the IB MYP accepts students from one programme and prepares them for the next programme 
  • Overall knowledge of the commonalities of each of the IB programmes 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and strong communication skills  
  • MYP Examiner or MYP workshop leader experience will be viewed favourably  
  • M.A./M.Ed. or equivalent preferred