International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program

(IB MYP) Math Teacher

Job Description


Department: Instruction

Term Of Employment: 2 years

Band: Teaching Faculty

Reporting Accountability: Principal


Scope of Responsibility

As an IB MYP math teacher, the primary role is to maximize student learning and development by planning, preparing, and teaching the curriculum to meet students' individual learning needs and achieve specific student outcomes. Teachers teach a range of student abilities and classes and are accountable for effectively delivering their curriculum. The MYP math teacher engages in critical reflection to improve their knowledge and skills to engage students and develop well-balanced, innovative individuals.


Duties and Responsibilities

· Demonstrate substantial knowledge in the subject area and further develop it through professional learning.

· Participate in collaborative planning and reflection to effectively implement the curriculum within the subject group and with other teachers.

· Ensure that the curriculum fulfills the aims and objectives of the relevant subject group in each program year as prescribed in the Math Guide and From Principle into Practice document.

· Ensure all unit planners, subject group overviews, and ATL charts are completed before the unit starts, and further develop them as the unit progresses.

· Ensure all components of the MYP, like the Concepts, ATL Skills, Global Contexts, and Inquiry-based meaningful teaching strategies, are implemented in the classroom.

· Ensure that the minimum requirement of all strands of the criteria prescribed in the Math Guide is assessed twice in a term year.

· Ensure timely feedback is provided to the students to consolidate teaching and learning.

· Ensure students engage in concept-based teaching through inquiries and exploration, avoiding direct content delivery in the learning experiences.

· Ensure that students are provided with scope for differentiated teaching and learning based on language ability and its development and considering students' learning needs. 

· Ensure that students are engaged in at least one Interdisciplinary unit involving two or more subject groups in each year of the MYP.

· Demonstrate commitment to mentoring students in learning opportunities beyond a subject area through the PYP Exhibition, the Personal Project, and the Extended Essays.

· Attend school events to better understand student interests and personalities outside the regular classroom, build strong relationships with your students, and strengthen their self-confidence while inspiring them to achieve high goals. 

· Follow the Code of Conduct in the Child Protection Policy. 

· Perform other duties and tasks as assigned. 

Pastoral care

· Demonstrate commitment to and promote child safeguarding practices and follow child protection.

· Demonstrate commitment to providing high standards of pastoral care for all students.

· Manage students' behavior constructively and respectfully, promoting self-control and independence.

· Be alert and responsive to students' social and emotional needs and support their development through teaching practice and out-of-class supervision, liaising with specialist colleagues where necessary, and respecting the school policy.

· Follow the Code of Conduct in the Child Protection Policy.

Professional Development

· Participate in appropriate IB-recognized professional development, liaising with the MYP Coordinator.

· Set professional learning goals and participate in teachers' evaluation procedures. 

· Participate in subject-specific and whole-school collaborative meetings and reflection for professional development, authorization, and accreditations.

· Personal qualities associated with Sias IS school-wide learner outcomes


Qualifications Required

· Bachelor's degree or above from an accredited college/university in education or related field.

· IB MYP experience is an asset.

· Demonstrated ability to employ a wide variety of teaching techniques, including utilization of technology.

· Collaborative, energetic teacher with demonstrated creativity and passion for teaching.

· Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to develop strong professional relationships with students, colleagues, administration, and parents.

· Exemplary communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and mediation skills.

· Concern for the whole student, not just academics.

· Effective team member.

· Strong attention to detail, organization, and planning.


Sias IS is committed to the protection of all children and young people from harm. Belief in and alignment with Sias IS beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable.