Personal, Social, and Physical Education(PSPE)

Primary Years Program

PSPE – Personal, Social, and Physical Education

Job Description


Department: Instruction

Term of Employment: 2 years

Band:  Teacher

Reporting Accountability: Principal


Scope of Responsibility

The PSPE teacher is responsible for cultivating an understanding of the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle in and out of school and as part of life-long learning. They will also collaborate with Primary School colleagues to develop engaging and inspirational learning experiences.


Major Duties and Responsibilities

Professional Expectations 

· Be a role model for students in physical health and sports, inspiring them to be actively interested in PE.

· Make an impact on the experience young people receive through PE and sport.

· Ensure lessons are planned in accordance with the departmental scheme of work.

· Assess, record, and report on the progress/attainment of students.

· Prioritize and manage time effectively, ensuring continued professional development per the role.

· Contribute to a complete and extensive extracurricular programme.

· Manage, coach, and officiate sports teams.

· Teach according to student's educational needs.

· Have a clear vision/focus.

· Be passionate about the subject and communicate well with young people.

· Maintain discipline in accordance with school procedures.

· Ensure a high-quality learning environment.

· Act within the school framework, which sets out the teacher's professional duties and responsibilities and is used only for guidance.

· Maintain positive links with local clubs, schools, and organizations and provide professional and up-to-date physical health advice for students as needed.

· To represent the school and communicate its values to a range of audiences.

· Work alongside colleagues in planning, adjusting, and delivering learning activities.

· Attend school events to better understand student interests and personalities outside the regular classroom, build strong relationships with your students, and strengthen their self-confidence while inspiring them to achieve high goals. 

· Follow the Code of Conduct in the Child Protection Policy. 

· Perform other duties and tasks as assigned. 



· A Bachelor's or Master’s degree specializing in education, administration, or related fields.

· In-depth knowledge of and familiarity with IB standards and practices.

· Experience leading and managing staff.

· Experience teaching in the IB program.

· Ability to work collaboratively with other organizations' faculty, staff, administration, students, families, and key contacts.

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate persuasively with faculty, students, and parents.

· Excellent analytical skills.

· Dedication to academic excellence.

· Ability to work independently and as part of a team.


Sias IS is committed to the protection of all children and young people from harm. Belief in and alignment with Sias IS beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable.