Primary Principal (Grades preK3 to Grade 5)

Early Years/Elementary School Principal

Job Description

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES:  The EY/ES School Principal serves as the instructional leader of grades Pre-K through grade 5 and is responsible for the total operation of the Elementary School, including the administration and supervision of all phases of the instructional program and management of the facility. The EY/ES School Principal shall provide leadership to the EY and ES School staff and faculty, administrative and supervisory skills for the educational development of students and promote parent and community involvement.

SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY: The Principal directly supervises all staff assigned to Pre-K to grade 5.  

REPORTING ACCOUNTABILITY: The Principal is directly responsible to the Head of School. 

COMPENSATION: Highly competitive salary and benefits package


  • A Master’s Degree preferred with specialization in education, administration, or related fields
  • At least five years of relevant school teaching experience
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with school stakeholders
  • Experience in implementing the principles and current trends in education, curriculum, PYP, staff development, essential elements of instruction, and supervision
  • Personal qualities associated with good human relations and interpersonal relations
  • Qualities in shared decision-making skills in order to be effective member of the leadership team
  • Ability to lead staff toward instructional improvement and conduct staff development sessions
  • Ability to prioritize, pay attention to detail, meet deadlines and work effectively under pressure
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment to education and professionalism
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English
  • Knowledge and background in the PYP and ELL immersion
  • Previous experience as a principal preferred


  • Call and conduct all EY/ES Divisional meetings
  • Record and compile agenda items for EY/ES Divisional meetings
  • Be an active advocate for the school’s mission and vision
  • Orient and assist new and veteran teachers on a continuing basis
  • Conduct PSA Informational meetings for both EY and ES parents
  • Convey school wide goals and vision to parents and staff
  • Coordinate and distribute weekly EY/ES announcements via Seesaw and email
  • Be an active advocate of professionalism in and out of the work place
  • Focus EY and ES students, staff, and parents on ESLR and IB Learner Profile characteristics
  • Assist with the marketing of the school 
  • Review and update Teacher, Student and Parent Handbooks on a regular basis
  • Coordinate supervision duties for EY/ES teachers and assistants
  • Coordinate with HoS and STUCO to coordinate assemblies/Community Time


  • Supervise the appropriate delivery of the EY and ES curricula
  • Assist PYP Coordinator and Curriculum Coordinator with needs as it pertains to EY and ES
  • Oversee the relevant WASC action plans associated with each division
  • Assist the PYP Coordinator with IBO accreditation
  • Attend Department and Board meetings as needed 
  • Deliver timely and innovative PD to instructional staff on a regular basis
  • Provide PD for both staff and parents on interpreting MAP data from NWEA


  • Provide the HoS with departmental budgetary needs for the EY/ES
  • Create and submit and supervise EY/ES annual budget and expenses
  • Sign all purchase orders for the EY/ES 
  • Provide necessary staffing information on a regular basis for both the EY and ES


  • Determine and announce all EY/ES report card and progress report dates
  • Review all report cards and progress reports in EY and ES 
  • Supervise teacher unit plans and lesson plans, as needed
  • Work with the Curriculum Coordinator and other administration to make recommendations for growth derived from data analysis from MAP testing
  • Supervise teacher use of Seesaw

Student Self-Management:

  • Review and update Student Handbook in EY/ES
  • Create and monitor ES supervision duties for both teachers and teacher assistants (playground duty, cafeteria duty)
  • Work with EY/ES staff to promote positive behavior at each division


  • Conduct teacher supervision and evaluation for EY and ES teaching staff
  • Conduct associate teacher supervision and evaluations in EY/ES 
  • Announce all supervision and evaluation deadlines to staff
  • Maintain accurate and detailed evaluation for EY and ES teaching staff
  • Conduct regular classroom visits of EY and ES teachers


  • Act as professional leader in regard to professional expectations outlined in Teacher Handbook 
  • Offer personal and professional support to others on staff
  • Coordinate EY/EC school transport and busing in coordination with the Transportation Manager
  • Serve on the Food Service Committee
  • Service the acting administrator when the Head of School is away from campus
  • Assist in yearly calendar planning
  • Conduct SCHEDULING/time tabling in collaboration with the PYP coordinator
  • Assist administration with school-wide recruitment process and attend necessary job fairs
  • Assist with all written accreditation reports required as needed
  • Attend all school functions and school-wide events
  • Be present on campus thirty (30) minutes before each school day begins
  • Arrive one week, or more as necessary, to school prior to the first day of school
  • Remain on campus one week after school is dismissed for summer holiday
  • Assist with any other duties as assigned by the Head of School