PYP Coordinator

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IBPYP) Coordinator 

Job Description

Department: Instruction                    

Term of Employment: 2 years           

Band: Teacher plus leadership stipend                                            

Reporting Accountability: Primary Principal

Scope of Responsibility:

The PYP Coordinator serves as the curricular, instructional, and professional learning leader of the Primary program and is responsible for the development of all phases of the Primary Years Program. Our curriculum is built within, but not limited to, the PYP framework. The PYP Coordinator, as a key part of the Primary School administration, will lead the formulation and execution of planning, implementation, and evaluation processes of the PYP and in executing the school’s curricular improvement plans. 

Major Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Be familiar with and promote understanding and use of all the most recent IB documents/publications 
  • Ensure that copies of the most recent IB documents/publication pertaining to the PYP section of the school are available to all staff members 
  • Establish and maintain a record of completed PYP planners on ManageBac 
  • Publish the school’s Programme of Inquiry 
  • Lead the process of developing or reviewing on a regular basis the school’s curriculum documents, including the Programme of Inquiry and scope and sequence documents 
  • Ensure that appropriate Language Policy,Assessment Policy, Special Education Needs Policy, Academic Honesty Policy are formulated for teaching and learning language and for assessment 
  • Ensure that agreements are developed that support access to the program for all students 
  • Maintain the archive of PYP records from one year to the next, including the Exhibition 
  • Ensure prompt and clear communication with the school community of key IB documents


Professional Development

  • Ensure that staff members are made aware of professional development opportunities and receive requisite PYP training and support 
  • Make recommendations regarding professional development opportunities on and off campus 
  • Keep a record of workshop attendance and school visits to ensure equality of opportunity to identify ongoing needs, and to complete authorization and programme evaluation forms
  • Support the teachers responsible for, and the students involved in, the PYP Exhibition 

 Resource Management

  • Make recommendations for the purchase of suitable resources to support the implementation of the PYP
  • Be responsible for the establishment of an inventory of resources to facilitate efficient collaboration


  • Ensure that all requirements of the IB concerning the implementation of the PYP are adhered to 
  • Set up systems for communication and collaboration among all staff members involved in implementing the PYP 
  • Conduct parent information sessions
  • Circulate all relevant information received from the IB and ensure that teachers and other staff are kept up to date with current developments in the PYP 
  • Prepare and submit any documentation required for authorization and evaluation 
  • Provide a liaison between the school and the IB and respond to requests for information (for example, questionnaires) from the IB 
  • The PYP Coordinator will need to plan the IB PYP Professional Development trainings for the teachers in accordance with the requisites of the programme and the context of the school
  • The PYP Coordinator has to make sure that every teacher teaching PYP at school will have to be registered in MyIB
  • Recommend exemplary teachers to participate in curriculum development meetings

Required Qualifications, Skills, Experience and Attributes:           

  • Master’s or Doctoral Degree preferred with specialization in education, administration, or related fields 
  • A minimum of 3 years successful teaching experience within the IB PYP and previous experience as a PYP coordinator preferred 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with school stakeholders 
  • Experience in implementing best practices in curriculum, staff development, and instruction 
  • Personal qualities associated with good human relations and interpersonal relations 
  • Ability to lead staff toward instructional improvement and conduct professional learning sessions 
  • Ability to prioritize, meet deadlines and work effectively under pressure, pay attention to detail, and meet deadlines 
  • Demonstrate high level of commitment and professionalism