Last week, Sias IS held "Meet the Teacher" of the new 2022-2023 school year. It was filled with happiness, excitement, warmth and friendship. Returning students were very excited to see the new teaching building after being away for a whole summer, while new students are full of curiosity of their new school. More importantly, it was a special moment to gather families from all over the world to build the international community of Sias IS. We'd like to welcome all of the students once again, and review some of the highlight moments of the day. 

In the afternoon, students got to meet and greet with their teachers according to their grade level. In addition to getting to know their Homeroom Teachers and Assistant Teachers, they also got to know their Specialist Teachers, who will be their mentor and best friend on campus in the near future.

Dr. Sam Mills, Head of School, and Ms. Addie Christian, Primary Principal took all students and parents on a tour of the new primary building, and introduced their teachers of respective grade levels.Homeroom teachers gave students and parents a tour of their classrooms and introduced themselves, as well as answer various questions from parents and students to give them a preview of their shool life.

After meeting their teachers, Sias IS launched its first ASA (After School Activities) Expo! Sias IS is committed to providing our students with a variety of interesting ASAs, encouraging students to interact and communicate with each other outside the classroom, and developing their own hobbies and interests. From the Expo, students and parents got a better idea of what ASAs are available for them in the new school year. The Expo has attracted more than 30 partners, covering humanities knowledge, science and technology, physical engineering, sports, arts, language and culture, etc. Take a look at the Expo from below.

After "Meet the Teacher", Sias IS teachers and students are confident and ready to dive into their wonderful new school year!