Education Delegation Inspects Sias IS

On August 29, 2019, Henan Provincial Department of Education and Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Education inspected Sias International School. Among the delegation are Xu Hengzhen, Director of International Department of Henan Education Department, Cai Hong, Researcher of International Department of Henan Education Department, and Lei Gang, Deputy Director of Publicity and Outreach Department of Zhengzhou Education Bureau. 

Tian Guo'an, Director of Education, Culture and Sports Bureau of Zhengdong New District, Wang Qingping, Head of Publicity and Outreach Department, Zhang Weishan, Head of Infrastructure Department, and Elizabeth Martinez, Founding Head of Sias International School, accompanied the delegation.

Ms. Elizabeth Martinez led the delegation on a tour of the spacious classrooms and advanced teaching facilities on the temporary campus located at the Juvenile Activity Center of Zhengdong New District. She then introduced the school's preparation progress and international teaching concept.

Inside the “Agile Learning Space,” the delegation experienced movable chairs, which encourage students to collaborate and think creatively. Ms. Martinez demonstrated inquiry-based and project-based teaching techniques to encourage the delegation to discuss the necessity and challenges of establishing the first international school in Henan Province.

Xu Hengzhen, Director of the International Department of Henan Education Department, pointed out that Henan, as one of the six central cities, had been developing rapidly, with thousands of foreign residents, and the expectation of an influx of even more. He said that there was an apparent demand for a school for their children.

Director Xu underscored the urgency for Henan to have a true international school, which is of great significance for propelling the development of Zhengzhou as an international business capital, and the Zhengdong New Districtas as an international financial center.

The leaders of the delegation highly appraised the school’s preparatory work, offered strong support, also put forward guidance and suggestions for the school's license application and planning. 

After the highly productive discussion at the temporary campus, Ms. Martinez accompanied the delegation to the permanent campus site on Longteng Street at Beilong Lake, to inspect the progress of construction. Xu Hengzhen urged for speedy completion of the construction that ensures high quality of work.

Tian Guo'an, Director of Education, Culture and Sports Bureau of Zhengdong New District, expressed his sincere gratitude to the provincial and municipal leaders for their inspection and guidance for the Sias International School. Tian Guo'an put forward expectations and requirements for the school and the construction company.

Tian Guo'an expressed high expectations for SIS to become not only an outstanding international school for expatriates, but also a multicultural, scientifically innovative school that delivers the highest quality of education.

In Zhengdong New District's environment of fast, healthy and coordinated development of international education, Sias International School hopes to contribute to the effort of building a first-rate education system, which reaches for the highest goals and standards.