Epidemic prevention and control, we are taking action


In November, the epidemic prevention and control situation suddenly becamesevere. The education system was the key for the epidemic prevention and control work, and the epidemic prevention and control work was the top priority.

On epidemic prevention and control, we do the following:

Under the leadership of relevant government departments, our school carried out three nucleic acid tests.

On November 5, the first nucleic acid test was conducted for all teachers and students.

On November 11, all the teachers and students took a second nucleic acid test.

On November 15, all teachers and students were tested for nucleic acid for the third time.

On November 10, members of the five-member government special team came to our school to inspect and guide the epidemic prevention and control work, and our school passed the inspection smoothly.

On November 18, under the coordination of relevant government departments, students aged from 3 to 11 of our school came to Zhengdong Hospital of Zhengzhou People's Hospital for vaccination.

From 0 o 'clock on November 24, 2021, all the sealed and controlled areas of the city will be lifted.

The escalation lasted about a month, and we finally won the battle. In this nationwide battle of epidemic prevention and control, the sudden escalation of prevention and control may have brought inconvenience to some citizens, but when I saw a  video of a child accompanying his mother to work at night to help citizens, I instantly felt warm. I feel a sense of security and a sense of responsibility for our work as citizens. In the end the most important thing is to remind everyone to take daily precautions, because defeating a virus starts with your daily actions.

Once again, we remind you to wash your hands, wear masks, ventilate frequently and avoid gathering.