Sias IS Grand Opening/Campus Reveal Ceremony

On the evening of September 24th, 2022, the Campus Reveal Ceremony of Sias International Schoo of Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, (hereby known as Sias IS) was successfully held on its brand-new campus, marking the full operation of the first international school in Henan Province. The children of foreign expatriates in Henan are now able to receive international curriculum from Early Years through High School in Zhengzhou.

At the ceremony, Mr. Zheng Bangshan, Director of Henan Provincial CPPCC Liaison Committee, and Former Director of Henan Provincial Department of Education, Mr. Liang Jieyi, Director of Henan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Ms. Mao Jie, Party Member and Deputy Director of Henan Provincial Department of Education, Mr. Xu Hengzhen, Second Level Inspector of Henan Provincial Department of Education, and President of Henan Education International Exchange Association, Mr. Liu Hesheng, Second Level Inspector of Henan Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, Ms. Wang Huaxing, Director of International Department of Henan Provincial Department of Education, Mr. Cai Hong, Deputy Director of International Department of Henan Provincial Department of Education, Mr. Yan Jingwei, Director of America and Oceania Division of Henan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Ms. Li Huifang, Deputy Secretary General of the People's Government of Zhengzhou, Mr. Wang Jutao, Deputy Director of Zhengzhou Education Bureau, Ms. Li Qiuhong, Deputy Director of Management Committee of Zhengdong New District, Mr. Zhang Ligang, Party Secretary and Director of Education, Culture and Sports Bureau of Zhengdong New District, Mr. Ma Jiansheng, Party Committee Secretary of Sias University, were present upon invitation. Dr. Shawn Chen, Founder of Sias IS, Mr. Wayne Wang, Executive Director of the Board, Dr. Sam Mills, Head of School also attended the ceremony. There are related department heads from Henan Provincial State Administration of Taxation, Henan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, Henan Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, and Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. Principals of brother schools, including Zhengdong New District Foreign Language Education Group, Juyuan Road Education Group, Chunhua Road Education Group, Wenyuan Road Education Group, Zhengzhou School Affiliated to Tsinghua University attended the ceremony, as well as the parents, students, teachers, and staff of Sias IS.

Before the ceremony, leaders of Sias IS Student Council took all the guests on a campus tour. They visited classrooms of different grades, music room, dance studio, art room and pottery room, also checked out the indoor swimming pool, basketball stadium, tennis court and other sports facilities. After learning about students’ school life at Sias IS, they spoke very highly of our international education concept and the high-standard facilities. Their campus tour ended at the Lecture Hall of primary building, where Ms. Addie, PYP Principal, and Ms. Juliana, IB Coordinator, gave a detailed introduction on the school philosophy and IB curriculum at Sias IS.

At 7:30PM, as the lights went out, Cici, the mascot of Sias IS, appeared on the big screen, who was searching for a desired international school all over Henan and finally found Sias IS at the end. CiCi’s experience represents how students from all over the world come to Zhengzhou, to this international school. To the music of the opening video, CiCi ran up to the stage and welcomed all the guests together with Dr. Sam Mills, Head of School.

At his opening speech, Dr. Mills, on behalf of Sias IS, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all departments and partners for their long-term guidance and assistance in the construction of the school. He will lead the school team in making continuous efforts to build a world-class international school.

Dr. Shawn Chen, Founder of Sias IS, mentioned in his speech that the ceremony marked the official reveal and open of Sias IS, a welcome to all new students to Sias IS, also an opportunity to present everyone with the school’s achievements over the past three years. Sias IS will strive to improve the quality of educational service, provide world-class educational resources, make its contributions to the construction of Zhengzhou as a central city with high level of internationalization.

Ms. Mao Jie,Deputy Director of Henan Provincial Department of Education, pointed out in her speech, Sias IS will not only provide high quality education that’s in line with international standards to the children of expatriates in Henan, but it will also undertake the mission of building a diversified international community and optimizing the potential environment of foreign investments.What’s more, it will significantly contribute to promote Zhengzhou as a national central city and national innovative high ground, by attracting more “high- grade, precision and advanced” foreign nationals who are prepared to settle in Henan and continue to build the Central Plains.

Mr. Wang Jutao,Deputy Director of Zhengzhou Education Bureau, said in his speech, to meet the needs of building a national central city, Zhengzhou has been making efforts to implement a more open and competitive policy of introducing innovative talents. It has become even more urgent to attract a group of experts and scholars, domestic and abroad, who can make cutting-edge achievements and outstanding contributions, that form the "tower top effect". The opening of Sias International School will effectively solve the problem of foreign children’s school enrollment in Zhengzhou and Henan, which also makes a greater and more meaningful contribution to improve the investment environment of our city, promote the opening to the outside world, and serve the economic and social development.

Ms. Li Qiuhong, Deputy Director of Management Committee of Zhengdong New District, added in her speech, planned and constructed by the Zhengdong New District and partnered with Sias Group, Sias International School is the one and only international school in Henan Province. Sias IS plays a positive role by injecting new vitality into the internationalization of the Zhengdong New District education. As a partner, the Management Committee of the Zhengdong New District will pay more attention to the construction and development of the school, as well as the learning and living conditions of its foreign teachers and students. We will also join efforts to make the school a first-class institution in China, which will be enjoyed by students, approved by parents, and recognized by society!

After the guests’ speeches, three representative students from different grades had the opportunities to speak through their own perspectives. They expressed their love for the diverse learning environment at Sias IS, how East meets West philosophy is expanding their horizons, the style of transdisciplinary learning is generating strong interests for all subjects.

The speeches were followed by a wonderful performance from students and teachers from Sias University and Sias IS, including two excellent performing artists who presented the theme song of Frozen and an impersonation of Charlie Chaplin. Sias IS students were thrilled with the surprise and fun.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Mills invited all the students and teachers on the stage to sing the Sias IS school song. In the light and music, all the guests, teachers, students and parents waved their glow sticks, singing and laughing to celebrate the successful end of the ceremony.

In order to promote Zhengzhou's internationalization and enhance its attractiveness to foreign opportunities, the Management Committee of Zhengdong New District and Sias Group officially signed a contract to launch the first international school project in Henan Province in 2017. After five years of construction and preparatory work, the school campus has been gradually completed and put to use. Currently, the school has nearly 200 students, as well as nearly 50 foreign teachers of instructional and leadership teams from nearly 20 countries.