Student-Led Conference

On April 29th, the Student-Led Conference (SLC) of this semester was held at Sias International School (Sias IS). Students from each class led their parents to see their recent learning and unit of inquiry, and showed their learning models and art works. SLC is a unique teaching method that we will explain in this article.

SLC is a pedagogical approach for conferencing between students and their parents. It gives the opportunity for students to have leadership to demonstrate their progress and their learning. Why do we hold SLC at Sias IS? It is beacuse at Sias IS, we encourage each one of our students to be leaders. And part of being a leader is taking ownership for their progress and their learning. Students are also encouraged to create goals. By goal-setting, students are able to see where their learning track is going to take them. 

Student Led Conferences reflect the belief that students should be actively involved in their learning and assume responsibility for the learning process.

Student Led Conferences help you put students on “center stage” and allow students to take more responsibility for their academic achievement and approaches to learning.

Traditional Parent Conferences become repetitive.

Traditional format was becoming increasingly time consuming.

Traditional format does not involve the students as active participants in their own learning. Student Led Conference provides the structure for parents and students to engage in meaningful discussions about student learning.

At Sias IS, we encourage every student to be a leader.