Weather in Zhengzhou

The weather of Zhengzhou is under the influence of continental climate, and the annual temperature averages around 14.3C (about 57.7F). The mild weather makes Zhengzhou a comfortable city with bright sunshine and distinctive seasons. 

July, with an average temperature of about 27.3C, is the hottest month of Zhengzhou. When in January, the average temperature will drop to minus 0.2C (about 31.6 F), and snows occur occasionally. Rainfall is concentrated in summer when the southeast humid air comes here from the oceans.

Autumn is the most welcomed season in Zhengzhou, whether for traveling or staying. From September to November, you can go outside to get close to nature and more activities.  In winter, you need heavy clothes and sweaters and jackets are necessary in spring and autumn. Summer is fervent so light shirts and pants may make you feel comfortable.

Based on the tourism score , the best times of year to visit Zhengzhou for warm-weather activities are from early May to mid June and from mid August to early October.