Welcome to 2022 Sias IS Summer Camp

Sias IS is excited to announce the 2022 summer camp program. Summer camp is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about themselves, relationships, and the world around them. This summer we invite you to join us to learn and have fun together.  

Three themes.


Believe in Magic

We will use magic to inspire students to be curious about the world around them. We will create scientific experiments, drama, STEAM challenges, and even include the art of illusion to help students grow in their understanding of the magic in the world. Abracadabra!  


Fly Away with Me

Our second theme will last two weeks. Students will have an opportunity to develop an understanding about how animals that fly inspired various inventions so that humans could fly away. We will use our creativity to innovate flying contraptions, and even have first-hand experiences with building an airplane. Do you want to fly? 


Make or break it


We will help students cultivate their sense of FAIL to learn. We will explore making things using all kinds of materials. We will bake, we will build, and we will bring innovation to Sias. We will also create games, challenges, and contests to improve collaboration and communication.  

Camp Highlights .


Foreign Faculty



Professional Partnerships

  Leadership Development  


I am a leader at Sias. Sias Summer Camps will focus on leadership development. Students will participate in daily "camp community" activities to develop problem-solving and collaboration skills.


Safety Guarantee

The camp will be held on the Sias IS campus. Food services will be provided by Sias IS cafeteria. All ingredients are purchased and prepared under the strict control. Our security team is on duty 24 hours a day, the campus is highly monitored.  Our professional team and safety expectations will ensure the safety of all students and teachers.



Sleep Over Package


(1600 RMB) *during July 18-22 & July 25-29 



Campers that have completed Grade 3 (9 years old and above) can register for an overnight extension camp. During the evening, Sias will prepare a different activity every night for campers to enjoy. Popcorn and a movie, scavenger hunts, game nights, sports tournaments, pool parties and more! 

Sias will provide campers with fun, engaging activities that supports our different themes. The Sleep Over Package includes dinner, snacks, evening activities, boarding in our brand-new student housing.

*Final decisions will be made by Sias IS camp director in accordance with Sias IS policy. Sias IS  maintains the right to make changes to the daily plans to meet the needs of the summer camp as needed.