Co-curricular Activities

What are co-curricular activities?

Co-curricular activities take place usually after classes have finished for the day and on weekends. We call them co-curricular rather than extra-curricular activities because we view the learning and personal development that takes place during these activities is linked to the learning and development that takes place through the formal taught curriculum.

Co-curricular activities include a variety of competitive and recreations sports and fitness activities, creative and performing arts activities, and community and service learning activities.

They can also include more direct extensions of classroom learning such as tutoring and learning skills practice sessions.

What co-curricular activities will be offered at Sias International School of Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou (Sias International School) ?

The exact "menu" of choices from which students may select their co-curricular options will depend upon a number of factors, one of which will be the specialized talents and skills that our teachers will bring to the school.  Certainly SIS students will have available to them a variety of competitive sports such as basketball, football (soccer) and volleyball. Also water-based activities such as competitive and synchronized swimming and water polo may be offered.  Gymnastics, fitness, climbing-wall and other non-team, individual pursuits may be possible.  In this area of China, would Kung Fu and Tai Chi be popular?

A variety of performing arts options such as theatre plays, musicals, dancing, singing (choir) and band will be possible.  Creative arts such as painting, drawing, sculpture and crafts of all varieties could be possible.  Creative writing workshops could be offered so that students gain exposure to poetry writing. Chinese calligraphy will likely be a favourite choice. In some international schools, cooking classes have been very popular.

We would also be considering science, technology, engineering and maths options. Lego Robotics, competitive maths, and design technology workshops are very popular in international schools.  For our older students we would expect opportunity to participate in Model UN conferences as well the global issues network called GIN. . Some schools have offered clubs such as "Budding Entrepreneurs", "Mindfulness through Meditation"

How does the co-curricular program enhance student learning and development?

There are many answers to this question. With some activities, students may pursue intensely the development of specific skills – athletic, artistic or otherwise that they are pursuing in with their classroom teachers, and in much the same way as they pursue their classroom academics.  However, with the co-curricular program, they are taught and trained by master artists, athletes, etc, often from beyond the school's faculty.

Sias International School views the co-curricular program as an opportunity to enhance both the personal and social development of students. Students are encouraged to be risk-takers and have an open-minded attitude by trying to learn new skills and develop creative talents they wouldn't normally encounter in their academic studies. By encouraging a mixture of age ranges within any particular co-curricular activity, students have opportunity to join new social groups.

Whatever choices may be available to our SIS students, we view the after-school co-curriculum to be as vital to preparing well-balanced bodies and minds as the academic curriculum.