After School Activities

What are ASAs?


Learning at Sias International School (Sias IS) takes on many different meanings. Our students say that we like to learn by “reading, playing, talking, cooking, and having fun”. During our inquiry driven units, we provide many opportunities for students to learn 21st Century skills that will help them to be leaders now and in the future.


Experiential learning is a big part of the Sias IS learning philosophy.  After School Activities (ASAs) are an important extension of that learning. Our teachers come from a diverse background and have many interests and talents that support our students holistic learning and development. ASAs provide an opportunity for teachers to share their passions with students and for students to choose the activities they want to learn.  

There are many benefits to participating in an ASA program. Developing well-rounded student interests at a young age promotes life-long learning. ASAs are also designed to increase collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.  



What ASAs are being offered at Sias IS currently?

In an effort to meet the diverse needs and interest of our students, Sias IS has continuously increased the ASAs available. We currently have over 40 ASAs that support whole student learning by creating opportunities for visual and performing arts, sports, STEAM, and language. We have specialized instrumental classes, music appreciation, and theater. We have basketball, ping pong, badminton, soccer, golf, and wiffle ball. We have activities that promote the magic of science and the mysteries of nature. We also have advanced offerings for Chinese and English language acquisition and understanding. 

We currently collaborate with multiple venders that provide professional quality instruction and content. Our instructional staff also provide classes based on their areas of interest and specific training. Our ASAs are organized in three age groups that allow students to expand their learning across grade levels and create new connections within our learning community. 

To see exactly what we have to offer, click on the schedules below! 



ASA Schedule


Sias IS views the ASA program as an opportunity to enhance both the personal and social development of students. Students are encouraged to be risk-takers and have an open-minded attitude by trying to learn new skills and develop creative talents they wouldn't normally encounter in their academic studies. By encouraging a mixture of age ranges within any particular ASA, students have opportunity to join new social groups.