Creative & Performing Arts

Sias International School of Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou (Sias International School) recognizes the importance of the creative and performing arts as being a formal part of the academic curriculum as well as a significant and popular option for the co-curricular program. 

The creative and performing arts co-curricular program will serve as a broader extension to the arts studies that the SIS students will pursue in their formal academic program. It will offer opportunities for students to "experiment" in areas such as singing, dancing, musical instruments, musical plays, drama, comedy, painting, drawing, sculpting, poetry, creative writing and a variety of other possibilities.  The variety on offer for the co-curricular program will depend upon the talent and skills that our teachers bring to SIS as well as the availability of practising experts in the Zhengzhou community.

In particular, the visual and performing arts activities will allow our SIS students opportunities to try their hand at creative endeavours that they might otherwise not ever have the chance to explore; to experience the joy that comes from hearing applause from the stage; to feel the satisfaction of self-expression through painting or sculpture. 

Our mission at Sias International School, is to have East meeting West,  educating and inspiring our students to be well balanced with a strong mind, body and spirit. Innovators are developed when our students approach their learning creatively, critically, reflectively and with the courage to take risks; when they combine science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, and sports to gain a well-rounded education giving them future-oriented skills.