School Services

Sias IS Boarding program aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to live in. 

It is designed to inspire students to be well-balanced, with a strong mind, body and spirit, to prepare them for academic excellence and innovative leadership in an interconnected and technological world, as well as to provide them with opportunities to build a local cultural identity

Boarding students will be housed in a four bedroom, clean, comfortable,gender specific room with an ensuite bathroom and 24 hour hot water supply. They were also have access to a comfortable reading area and an inviting leisure area within the boarding building.

The boarding program will be run by trained and qualified staff. They will be supported by school leadership and the ASA/Guided Learning Coordinator, Operations Manager, Student Support Specialist and Nurse. Boarding students will have access to After School Activities (ASA) & Guided Learning, meanwhile, boarding management team will plan various activities such as festival celebrations, theme parties, Parents Open House etc.

School Canteen Services

The core value of the school cafeteria is to serve the Sias IS community with a variety of healthy and delicious Chinese and Western food. The menu is designed by a team of professional nutritionists, based upon the needs of the students, and food quality is controlled by five-star hotel chefs. The cafeteria is operated in strict accordance with the food hygiene and safety regulations. All ingredients are directly supplied by international well-known supermarkets ensuring that all our produce is fully traceable and only the highest quality ingredients are used. The cafeteria enables our students to develop healthy and lasting eating habits aswell as appreciate cuisine from different culture.

Safe and Convenient School Bus Service

A school bus service center with professional management and rigorous service provides highstandard and efficient school bus service forcommuting students. There is a bus monitor on each bus to supervise, ensuring students commute safely and conveniently.