About Us

As the first international school in Henan province and located near Beilong Lake in the Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou, Sias International School (Sias IS) sits at the “center of heaven and earth”.

Our school offers students who hold a foreign passport a rigorous educational programme that respects western and eastern teaching methods. We inspire our students to be well-balanced with a strong mind, body and spirit. We prepare them for academic excellence and innovative leadership in an ever-advancing, interconnected and technological world.

Picture your child in a school environment where the students are encouraged to question and create, to learn how to think with purpose as they seek answers to their questions.

Imagine him or her being provided real-life situations demanding academic excellence, promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and developing skills for personal leadership.

Sias International School is committed to preparing its students to be well-balanced, free-thinking innovators who are ready to challenge for a better tomorrow.

If you are interested in learning more about our school or even having a personal tour of Sias International School, please request more information and/or schedule a visit.