Welcome from the Head of School


To Our Sias IS Community

Whether you are new to our community or have been a part of our school for a long time, you will be quick to recognize this is a special place.  Aside from our incredible facilities of over 90,000 square meters of learning space, you will observe the welcoming and dedicated school staff.  It is the people that make our school special. 

In the mornings when parents drop off their kids, you will find our teachers eagerly greeting students.  When walking the hallways, you will observe instructional and operational staff joyfully interacting with children.  Upon entering a classroom, you will be overwhelmed by the smiles on students’ faces as their teachers stretch their academic skills while remaining keenly in tune with their social and emotional needs.  Staff meetings are filled with laughter and collaboration; as a leader, it is refreshing to see our team enjoy their profession and challenge each other to grow.   

Leaders often talk about building a school culture, but there is no specific recipe for producing a positive environment.  Our team is dedicated to creating an environment where students are engaged in inquirybased instruction, where the adults feel empowered to grow and learn alongside students. Despite the past challenges of the epidemic and the normal growing pains of a new school, Sias IS is a special home for all of us. 

My family and I moved here because we desired an international education for our children and the mission of Sias IS aligned with our personal educational philosophy.  Sias IS is our home and I am grateful to the Board of Directors for trusting me to lead and grow this special project.   

For those who are new, it won’t take long for you to discover how special it is here.  For those who are already a part of our team, let’s continue working together to build our world class school into the first choice for students and families across China.      

Jia you!   

Dr. Sam E. Mills