Welcome from the Head of School

Dear Sias International School Community

Dr. Shawn Chen and the Board of Directors have established an aspirational vision and mission for Sias International School(Sias IS), based on core beliefs about children’s learning and development.  It was these noble values that attracted me to the role of Head of School and to the challenge to fulfill their lofty ambitions.  The incredible new school campus in the Zhengdong New District, character development through the Leader in Me program, and an inquiry, play-based instructional model cemented my desire to join the Sias IS family.   

Thank you to Dr. Chen and the Board for welcoming me, my wife, and our three children into the Sias IS family.  As I work to grow our Sias IS family and create a world-class learning environment, I make the following commitments: 

For our students: to challenge you to grow into kind, inquisitive, and internationally-minded people, preparing you as if you are our own children, for high-level success in post-Secondary studies at universities across the world;   

For our parents: to provide a safe and compassionate home where your children may grow to reach their potential and to keep an open door for you to collaborate with me and our team of professional educators on your child’s learning;  

For our school staff: to provide a collaborative and supportive workplace where you can put into practice the skills and experience that will guide the learning and growth of our students and, at the same time, continue your own professional development; 

For our whole community: I commit to building a school and educational program that continually strives to achieve the Sias IS vision, where all students receive a world-class education, ensuring they leave us well-balanced with a strong mind, body, and spirit. 

With gratitude, 

Dr. Sam E. Mills 

Dr. Sam E. Mills Family Introduction

Sias International School - founded on research and best practice

Every decision that is made in the creation of Sias International School is grounded in research and proven best practices.  As international school pioneers in Henan Province, we are creating a high-quality educational institution focused on the purposeful growth of each child.

We, the faculty, are international minded innovative learners ourselves. As we keep current with research on international education and best teaching practices, we ensure that not only will our students have opportunity for rigorous academic learning, but that their lives will be transformed through well balanced athletics, arts and cultural opportunities. As they develop their leadership qualities, they will be encouraged to seek entrepreneurial opportunities and multicultural  relationships both locally and further afield in our interconnected wider world.

The setting and facilities of our campus to open in August 2020 are striking examples of the high quality for which we are striving. The 6+ hectare campus, including indoor and outdoor learning spaces with two swimming pools, gymnasium, sports field, arts venues and technology centre, is the finest in the Henan Province, China. The architecture is an exquisite design and efficiency. The outdoor green spaces, such as courtyards and gardens provide an ambience that is peaceful and welcoming.

I am thrilled about the possibilities that lay before our school in the years to come.  Whether you are new to Henan Province in China or have been a part of the community for some time, please accept my personal invitation to join us as on this exciting adventure as we prepare our students to be future ready leaders.

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